“We are a Problem-Solving Pharmacy Where Medicine is NOT One-Size Fits All”

Why Royal Care?

WHY Choose Royal Care Compounding Pharmacy?

At Royal Care Compounding Pharmacy, we are a problem solving pharmacy! We have created a whole new approach to pharmacy by providing traditional retail pharmacy services and specialized compounding under one roof. Our unique business model provides physicians, veterinarians and other health practitioners with limitless options for their patient and animal care.

Our Compounding Lab specializes in compounded medications that are no longer commercially available, hard to find medications, dosage form changes, and custom preparations. Royal Care Compounding Pharmacy pharmacists are trained in Specialty Compounding. Our expertise in compounding influences all other aspects of our practice and has become a cornerstone to all of the services we offer.


Quality Compounding Maximizes Therapeutic Outcomes

The efficacy of any formulation is directly related to its preparation, which is why THE SELECTION OF YOUR COMPOUNDING PHARMACY IS CRITICAL.

Ongoing training for compounding pharmacists and technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and high quality chemicals are essential. Experience and ingenuity are important factors as well. When tweaking a formula or developing a unique preparation, the compounding pharmacist must consider physical and chemical properties of both the active ingredient and excipients, solubility, tonicity, viscosity, and the most appropriate dosage form or device for administering the needed medication. Standard Operating Procedures should be in place, stability studies should be considered when compounding, and appropriate potency and sterility testing should be performed.


Custom Solutions for You and Your Patients

Our compounding professionals can formulate suitable medications such as sublingual drops, oral and nasal sprays, lollipops, rectal solutions and suppositories, and other customized dosage forms.

Please contact us to discuss your patients’ healthcare needs, compounding needs and other health & wellness necessities. We are here to Serve You and your patients.


Pharmacy Students Corner

As part of our civic duties and contribution not only to the healthcare system we are proud to support the education of our future pharmacists.

We take in Ist Year and Final Year Pharmacy students from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, for Internship training in May and August of every year.


Licensing and Regulation

We are proud to be a member of the Alberta College of Pharmacists and as such adhere to their highest standards. As a regulated pharmacy, we follow all the regulations set forth by the Health Professions Act.

For more information about filing complaints to the ACP or for general information regarding regulations please visit:


ACP Certificate